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I'm offering mandolin lessons in the Tampa area. Bouzouki, banjo, and DADGAD guitar lessons are also available. Lessons are geared towards what you would like to learn. The focus is on having fun, developing good musicality, and finding the proper technique to achieve it. I can teach you to play by ear, as well as using notation. Lessons are always laid back and fun.

I also teach music theory for all musicians who have basic proficiency on any instrument. Ever wonder how some people can play a song the first time they hear it and make it sound like they've been playing it for years? Much of that has to do with developing your ear-training and music theory skills. If you are looking to extend your musical ability to include improvisation, sightreading, playing complex rhythms, and more, I can help you develop these aspects. I have a degree in music theory, and use a mix of self-developed and music conservatory techniques to help your ear-training. I feel that a knowledge of music theory can help bridge the gap between your instrument and the music you feel and hear inside.

The only requirements to take lessons are to own a functional instrument and be willing to practice between lessons. Practicing your instrument is the most important part of learning to play. I recommend owning a tuner and metronome as well. All ages from 12 and up are welcome. I teach all levels from beginners to advanced players.

I teach lessons on the following instruments:

Instrument Styles
Mandolin All styles (I specialize in Newgrass/Bluegrass/Country, Irish/Scots, swing, folk, and old-time, but anything else also goes)
Bouzouki Irish/Celtic, folk
Tenor Banjo Irish/Celtic, folk
Flatpick Acoustic Guitar DADGAD tuning
Music Theory Sightreading, improvisation, rhythm, and ear training (any instrument)

Rates are reasonable, and lessons are taught at my location near Carrollwood (Tampa, FL). To set up a lesson, please use the Contact link below.

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