Here are some of the instruments I play now:

Mandolins: Altman MF5, Breedlove A-model
Bouzouki: Kennaquhair Octave Mandolin, 2003
Banjo: Guarnierius Tenor Banjo "Non Plus Ultra Luxe", c.1935
Guitars: 2 Breedlove guitars (tuned DADGAD and BEBF#BC#)
Bass: DeArmond Starfire and Ampeg amplifier
Fiddle: German style, c.1905
Accordion: Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, late 1940's

Some intruments I used to own:

Guild D-17M, 1985
Korg 01/w keyboard
Baldwin church organ, 1950's?
Hammond C-100 organ, 1960's?

On the wish list:

5-course Bouzouki
000 Guitar

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