Harps for Rent
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Private lessons are available at my studio in Tampa. For anadditional charge, I can come to your location in the North Tampa area, including Carrollwood, Citrus Park, Northwood, Lutz, Westchase and nearby areas. All ages from 6 years old and up are welcome! I teach all musical styles, with a specialty in classical, celtic, folk, and popular genres. Please read on, and if you have any further questions or would like to know schedule and rate information, please contact me.

Frequently asked questions:

I have never touched an instrument in my life. Do I need to know how to read music or have musical experience to learn the harp?
No requirment is necesary except a desire to learn and enjoy! I can teach you how to read music; although a page of notes may seem impossible to decipher at first, the harp is an excellent instrument to learn to read music on.

What type of harp will I play on?
Generally beginners will start on a medium-sized lever harp, which usually has 29 strings. Their smaller size makes them easier to play and transport, and they are less costly than renting or buying a large lever harp, or full size pedal harp. Advanced students who are interested in the Celtic and Irish Harp traditions will eventually opt for a larger lever harp, such as one with 36 strings. Students who are interested in classical and contemporary repertoire will want to move on to a pedal harp. These are the harps seen in symphony orchestras, and look like the one pictured at left. They will generally have 47 strings, stand over 6 feet tall, and weigh up to 85 pounds. Depending on your age and harp experience, I can help you select an instrument for rental or purchase.

Is the harp very difficult to play?
On the contrary, the harp is perhaps one of the easiest and most pleasant instruments to learn music on. Since the strings are tuned to a major scale, even a first-time musician can begin to play harmonious sounds very quickly. Yet, the harp can be incredibly complex as well. The beauty of the instrument is that you can learn to play beautiful music in a short time, and still continue to learn and enjoy the harp for the rest of your life!

How long are lessons?
I teach 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1-hour lessons, weekly. For first-time players, the first lesson is one hour, and I will cover basics with regards to tuning the harp, harp care, and get you started on playing a piece.

Do I have to practice?
Most certainly! Practice is the only way to improve your skills on the harp (or any instrument, for that matter!). However, practicing is enjoyable when you are creating music and are interested in learning. It is an excellent and healthy way to escape and relax, and other members of your household, including pets, will appreciate your music.

Do I have to bring my harp to your studio for lessons?
No, I have both a lever harp and a concert grand pedal harp at my studio for you to play during your lessons. However, if you are very fond of your harp, you are always welcome to bring it, of course!

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